Welcome To My Website

Getting the new site up and running.. Taking alot of time. There are alot of links that I need to add to the "Links" page. I will add them as I go. Want to try to get some pictures emmbedded, but still learning.
Put this picture up when we were in Mexico. Love this place....

Playa del Carmen, Mexico


an image

Not much support. Trying to do this on our own because we are very cheap.


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Long hours were spent doing this with my lovely wifes help. We will be adding links and other information on this site in the future.


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To learn how to do website so I can retire with lots of money!!!!! Like that is going to happen


June 1 2012
We worked on the new website AGAIN and Again. Worked on the other page to get them to look a little better. I think we have got them looking pretty good. Pretty happy with the results.
See ya M.
May 31 2012
We worked on the new website AGAIN. I have got all the links working. Most pages are not done, but all the weather related links are working. See ya M.

May 30 2012
We worked on the new website all night. This seems to be alot harder than we first expected. I guess as time goes on we will get better at it... We got alot of the links working but still do not have any of the good stuff, yet!! See ya M.

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